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The Fundamental Ideas of Our Art is Devotion toward customer,We know getting inked is not a daily affair and we take utmost caution on every step .

We have the most passionate artists whose work speaks volumes about their capablities.

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LinkInk Tattoos

We Provide Best Services in Realistic Potraits, Tattoos and Piercing.

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We let our artwork speak for themselves and we don't force-sell you things. We assure you of a trustworthy enviroment.

How Much Is The Pain in Getting a Tattoo?

We cannot give you a definate answer for that beacause pain doesn't have a scale and it depends on your body sensitivity as every body is unique and feels pain on different scale.

How much it will cost?

Usually the starting price of tattoo is Rs. 1500* that includes Rs. 1000 needle charges+Rs. 500/sq inch. You have to bear neddle charges for neddles used in the tattoo.

* Prices are subject to change







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tattoo artist

Manjinder Gupta

After getting tattoo from here I was astonished by their handling of my pain on my sensitive skin.. must recommend.

Sonu Sharma

Software Engineer
This studio has the best tattoo artists very soft spoken and helpful.. they don't even let you feel the pain while doing their awesome work.

Abhishek Choudhary

Youtuber Vlogger
Amazing experience*Great artist. First tattoo soon I will come for my second tattoo.

Shipra Sharma

We are here for you

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